Prime Time Energy Services Outlaw Modified Rules


Car and body and drivetrain rules will be teched per the 2017 Dirtcar rule book- with the following exceptions below….

ENGINES & WEIGHTS : Big- and small-block engine combinations are permitted.The standard weight for all Modifieds is 2,400 lbs. . All weights are track scale pounds, with driver in car, taken post-race. Big block engines may not be bigger than 476 cubic inches. No aluminum block engines will be permitted..with the exception of the Wegner W-16 with no modifications , sealed from Wegner. A single four barrel carb is permitted, no fuel injection.

FUEL: Gasoline or methanol is permitted

BODY RULES:  All events allow sail panels. Teams must run two, even sail panels mirroring each other in size and shape. Maximum height when measured from the ground is 65 inches. Sail panels must extend no further forward than the rear of the driver’s seat and no further back than the end of the quarter-panel. A roof spoiler/wickerbill, no taller than four inches, is permitted.  All other standard body rules apply.

Door  height rule will be in effect for all events –The requirements are as follows:

Door heights are to be measured with driver in the car, immediately after the race. To be measured 60 inches from the centerline of the rear axle.

  • The left-side door 60 inches in front of the rear axle is maximum 41 inches from the ground.
  • The right-side door 60 inches in front of the rear axle in maximum 40 inches from the ground.

TIRES- Hoosier or American Racer Modified Tires Permitted.  300,400 rear Hoosiers only. American Racer no softer than 44 left rear, 48 right rear. Front tires compounds not specified. Can mix brands from front to rear. No square block tires, modified tires only!