Pure Stock Rules

2019 Freedom “PURE STOCK” rules addendum
⦁ Acceptable vehicles: North American OEM cars 1965 to present. No convertibles, trucks, jeeps, SUVs, or Camaros/Firebirds 1982 and newer. Wheel Base must match O.E.M. specs for the frame you are using.
⦁ Must have firewall in front, sides, and behind driver of suitable material.
⦁ No spoiler or spoiler sides. Rear deck must have no more than 2” rake (from back to mid plate). Max deck height is 42”.
⦁ Roof raking 2” max.
⦁ No sideboards or wings of any kind or size.
⦁ Tail ends must be completely covered (side to side) one half the distance from the highest point of the rear deck to the ground. In other words, measure from the ground to the highest point of rear deck. (This must be done with car race ready…tires on and inflated, car on level ground, etc.) Divide that in half and back must be completely sealed that far down. No openings in sides or tail panel.
⦁ Body style must be respective to this class and must pass tech inspection approval. It MUST be STOCK APPEARING. NO EXCEPTIONS.
⦁ Plastic or rubber nose and tail piece permitted. Nose piece must be stock type. No late model style noses permitted.
⦁ Must remain OEM appearing. Front and rear suspension mounts on frame MUST remain STOCK and in STOCK LOCATIONS. Altering will result in disqualification. Rectangular tubing may be used to replace rusted frames behind rear end. Any rust holes in frame must be repaired properly. Any alterations MUST HAVE TECH APPROVAL.
⦁ Uni-body frames must have 2” x 3” square tubing joining front and rear frame sections. The tech inspector must approve such modifications and agree that it is safe or the car will not be permitted to race.
⦁ Suspension must match chassis used.
⦁ No coil-overs permitted
⦁ No driver adjustable components
⦁ Any coil springs, any shim, or spring spacers are permitted. No external jacking bolts.
⦁ Cars must have a minimum of 5 inches ride height from the lowest point of the frame rail.
⦁ Front A arms tubular upper (nonadjustable only) OEM type lower.
⦁ (Rear) OEM location 4 link and leaf springs only. Mounts on rear end must remain in stock position, and may not exceed 4” from the bottom of the axle tube to the bottom of the mount, including shock mount.
⦁ Stock length rear control arms only.
⦁ Shocks must remain STOCK and in the STOCK position.
⦁ $80.00 claimer on shocks. Any car that takes the green flag may claim shocks. Claim must be made before the feature begins. Monies will be handed over to driver whose shocks where claimed.
⦁ Steering must remain OEM for type of chassis used.
⦁ OEM steering boxes only.
⦁ No rack and pinions.
⦁ Steering quickeners allowed.
⦁ Engine type (GM, Ford, Chrysler, etc.) must match chassis used.
⦁ Maximum engine size is 350 (GM), 351 (Ford) or 360 (Chrysler). 602 crate motor (Must meet RUSH specifications) with .4412 two barrel and all seals intact. No strokers of any kind.
⦁ No fuel injection. No electric fuel pumps. Production fuel injected vehicles must be changed to a carburetor.
⦁ No aluminum blocks.
⦁ No aluminum heads.
⦁ No angle plug heads.
⦁ No racing heads. Must have OEM casting numbers.
⦁ Engines may be bored to .040 over bore.
⦁ Hydraulic camshafts only.
⦁ No solid cams.
⦁ No roller cams.
⦁ No roller lifters.
⦁ Steel rocker arms – Max 1.5 ratio – roller tips allowed.
⦁ Furthest forward spark plug in line with center of upper ball joint.
⦁ Factory stock intakes may be used or Edelbrock #2101, 2104, or 2116 for Chevy, #2181 for Fords, #2176 for Chrysler may be used.
⦁ NO high rise or high performance intakes of any kind. No bowtie intakes.
⦁ NO porting or polishing of any kind.
⦁ Use 1” adapter plate to mount 500 CFM 2bbl Holley carb. No aerosol carburetors.
⦁ Stock 500 cfm #4412 2 barrel Holley carb only.
⦁ OEM stock crank shaft only.
⦁ OEM length connecting rods only.
⦁ Pistons:  flat top or dish only; NO dome tops permitted.
⦁ OEM type ignition systems only.
⦁ OEM cast iron exhaust manifolds are allowed. In-chassis headers are permitted with max 1-5/8” tube and 3 “ collector max. NO two into one, 180 degree headers.
⦁ Transmissions must be OEM type – automatic or standard.  Must have all working gears.
⦁ Standard must have steel blow proof bell housing with and inspection hole in the bottom.
⦁ OEM steel flywheels only no aluminum with a 10” clutch.
⦁ Automatics must have working torque converter with 4” minimum flexplate safety shield.
⦁ OEM rears, Ford 9 inch rear, or floaters permitted with stock location mounts (refer to rule 17).
⦁ Standard 5 bolt no wide pattern hubs.
⦁ Cars must start and run under their own power.
⦁ Cars must have working reverse.
Minimum weight with driver after feature will be 2800lbs.
57. Steel 15” racing wheels only. NO aluminum wheels.
58. 15” tires only 27.5/8.0×15 max on 8” max wheels, NO bigger. Recaps aloud, no winter treads.
59. Any tire compound allowed.
60. Bead locks allowed on all four wheels.
⦁ 1-1/2 seamless tubing or larger.
⦁ Roll cage is 4 post design with “X” bracing behind seat with 4 door bars on drivers side and 3 on passenger side fastened to frame.
⦁ No square tubing.
⦁ Highly recommended padded roll bars/cage.
⦁ Fuel cell mandatory mounted in fuel cell can.  Fuel cell MUST BE SECURELY FASTENED and must be sealed at top, bottom, and sides.
⦁ No 5 gallon containers or converted grease or oil containers may be used as tanks.
⦁ Fuel lines run under floor, if not, must be covered and sealed at both ends by rubber hose only.
⦁ A full metal firewall must be installed between driver and engine, and between fuel tank and driver.  The driver’s compartment MUST be completely enclosed.
⦁ Fuel cells must be mounted behind the rear end housing between frame rails as is the normal position from the builder and it MUST be securely strapped with a minimum of two (2) steel straps that are bolted to the Chassis (Frame), securely locking in the fuel cell.  Straps MUST be at least two (2) inches wide and 1/8 inch thick.  Fuel cell must be mounted inside the fuel can.
⦁ Gas only; no alcohol.
⦁ No driver controllable brake bias adjusters or shutoffs.
⦁ Other than the requirements or exceptions listed elsewhere within the rules, the car and all components MUST remain stock appearing.
All cars running Freedom motorsports park under these rules running with the street stocks must mark your drivers rear of hood with a sticker identifying the vehicle as a “PURE” stock