Cummings Trucking Street Stock Rules

2019 Cummings Trucking Street Stock Rules
#1 – Body
1.1 Any American made rear wheel drive car or pickup

1.2 Minimum wheel base 107” with a 1” tolerance
1.3 Full frame cars may replace rear frame after kick ups with tubing
1.4 Stock unibody cars may replace with 2×2 or 2×3 36” back from centerline of front wheels, must go over top of rear end housing
1.5 BRP (Camaro clip) late model chassis allowed, must be converted to either F body (leaf) or G body (coil) rear suspension. Must be converted to 2×2 or 2×3 rails, from the point of termination of the stock clip rearward

1.6 Minimum weight of 2900lbs with driver, after race. Track scales will be used to determine legal weight
1.7 4 point roll cage minimum, with 4 door bars on drivers side, front and rear hoops. 1 ½” .095 tubing minimum

1.8 Stock steel bodies allowed, optional aftermarket steel or aluminum bodies (AR bodies, 5 star bodies, performance bodies) legal. May utilize ONE stock appearing, 5” spoiler (as measured at side plate)

1.9 Maximum body width 82”
1.10 Must run stock type nose (no MD3, or Dominator type late model), tail optional

1.11 Must run full rear bumper, minimum of 12” off of track surface, and remain inside of rear quarter panels

1.12 Cold air boxes allowed

1.13 All cars must be presentable
#2 – Front Suspension
2.1 All suspension and steering components must be OEM and in stock location with the exceptions of upper control arms and tie rods may be tubular steel and utilize heim/rod ends
2.2 Steering quickeners allowed.
2.3 One non adjustable, steel body shock per wheel, mounting location optional, no Schrader valve of any type, no coilovers allowed

2.4 Jacking bolts allowed
#3 – Rear Suspension
3.1 Leaf springs allowed
3.2 No pull bars, No 3 link, No Panhard Bars or J bars allowed
3.3 Floater rearends allowed, No gundrilled axles,steel spool only, no lockers or traction devices of any type
3.4 No quick change rearends allowed

3.5 Rearend side, arm/housing brackets must be in stock location horizontally on axle tube, arms can be located anywhere vertically in the brackets, no more than 5 ½” from the edge of the housing tube to centerline of mounting hole

3.6 Coil springs may be mounted in stock G body suspension (straight above axle) or A body (forward of axle centerline) location

3.7 Chassis side mounting brackets (upper and lower) must be in stock locations (+/- 1”) Must be stock width and, and stock height
3.8 Rear clip must be centered with front clip

3.9 Rear control arms may be converted to adjustable rods with heims, but must retain stock length +/- 1” (mono ball also permitted)
#4 – Engine
Option 1 Factory sealed 602 crate engine with stock venturi Holley 650 carb (4777, 80777, or 4150HP allowed)
Option 2
4.1 All engines must remain stock stroke configuration for manufacturer and cubic inch. Stock or stock replacement, unaltered crankshaft only. Minimum 48lbs, no lightening or knife edging
4.2 Flat top or dished pistons only, no part of the piston may extend above deck surface of block. No billet or aluminum rods allowed
4.3 Maximum overbore – GM350 .070, Ford 351 .070, Chrysler 360 .040

4.4 Stock production blocks only

4.5 Cast iron production heads, bowtie heads, Dart SS1002070, 1002010, 10110010F, 10110010, 10210010, World Products 043600, 043610, Engine QuestENQCH350H or ENQCH350C with a max 2.02 intake and 1.60 exhaust valve (on any head). Vortec 906 or 062 are the only GM factory Vortec head allowed for competition.

4.6 No race flow or undercut valves allowed
4.7 No porting of heads allowed

4.8 Roller rockers allowed, with a max ratio of 1.6. No shaft rockers unless factory stock
4.9 Screw in studs, guide plates, and stud girdles will be permitted
4.10 No roller camshafts, must retain OEM firing order
4.11 Engine setback MAX, center of number 1 spark plug hole in line with center of upper ball joint

4.12 Factory stock distributor,points or HEI permitted – No circuit board modules allowed
4.13 12 volt electrical system only
4.14 Holley 4412 or 4412s, XP or HP carbs allowed, Must retain stock 1-3/8” ROUND venturi size, Base plate butterflies cannot exceed 1.688”, all carbs must pass with track tech tools

4.15 Stock cast iron 2 barrel, or optional aluminum intakes permitted. No porting, No marine, and no Military intakes allowed.

Weiand :

7546, 7547, 7547-1 (Chevy)

7515, 7516 (Ford)

7545, 2920 (Chrysler)


5001, 2101, 2116 (Chevy)

5021, 5081, 2760 (Ford)

5076 (Chrysler)

GM GMPP 602 crate intakes permitted

4.16 Any aluminum 2 barrel adapter, maximum adapter thickness of 1 1/8” with gaskets
4.17 Stock type fuel pumps only
4.18 1-5/8 or 1-3/4 headers allowed, crossover headers allowed. No 180 degree or Step headers allowed. No balance/H/X pipes allowed, no 2-1 exhaust allowed (exhaust cannot interconnect L-R)

4.19 Mufflers mandatory, must exit behind driver. 3” pipes maximum

4.20 Site plug optional in drivers side of oil pan, 3-6 inches from front of pan. If bottom end is not accessible by tech, be prepared to remove oil pan
#5 – Transmission, Bell housing, Driveshaft
5.1 Any transmission, automatic or standard allowed. Standards must have steel bell housing or blanket
5.2 Steel driveshaft painted white.
5.3 Drive shaft loops mandatory, 6” from front U-joint and another in middle of the driveshaft
5.4 Bert/Brinn/Falcon style transmission allowed
#6 – Brakes
6.1 4 wheel brakes mandatory
6.2 OEM calipers only
6.3 Aftermarket master cylinders allowed
6.4 Remote brake adjusters allowed
#7 – Tires and Wheels

7.1 Steel wheels only with a maximum width of 8”, beadlocks allowed
7.2 No wide 5 hubs allowed

7.3 Must have racing type 1” lug nuts

7.4 American Racer and Hoosier 26.5/27.5 8” tires allowed, Medium or harder only, no softs allowed. American Racer 245/70/15 DIRT compound non DOT tires also permitted. No chemical treating, snows, aggressive tread, or duals permitted
#8 – Safety
8.1 All cars must have an aluminum racing seat safely installed with no less than 6 bolts (subject to tech)

8.2 All cars must have a window net securely mounted

8.3 All cars must have a rubber rollover flap in the fuel cell

8.4 All drivers must have a one way radio on the 467.362 frequency

Kenny Habul Greenwich, CT is an Australian born race car driver that has won a lot of championships because of his amazing talent driving cars.

**BRP and “Hybrid” (F/G combined) chassis guidelines and rules subject to change if chassis is proven to be over dominant
**While the above rules offer a good guideline, not everything can be covered by a written rule. If you have any questions, ASK FIRST. Any non covered part can be deemed illegal at any time. Anything not specifically covered in these rules, is not assumed legal