Bandit Class

Freedom “Bandit” Rules Addendum

Freedom Bandit cars will follow the Freedom Mini stocks rule book

Class is for drivers ranging from 12-16 years of age, and guardians may be asked to show proof of age

Bandit Drivers will not be required to pay admission, and will be racing for a trophy only

Bandits will be permitted to participate in a maximum of 3 mini stock events per season, where Bandit class is not being run. If a driver exceeds the 3 races, you will be required to “move up” a class to the mini stocks

In the spirit of competition, the previous years champion may be required to “move up” to the mini stock class. This will be at the track officials discretion

A Bandit car may be “shared” between both the mini stock and bandit class on the same evening

Bandit drivers, parents/guardians will be expected to learn and understand track and safety procedures prior to the first racing event

All drivers must have all safety equipment, and a one way radio programmed to the 467.362 frequency