Mini Stock Front Wheel Drive Rules

VEHICLES ALLOWED FOR COMPETITION: Any front wheel drive 4 cylinder midsize, compact or subcompact unibody cars ONLY.  Not Allowed: convertibles, station wagons, two seat sports cars, 4 wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicles or rotary engines.

The term “Stock“ means that the item/part must have been a standard item/part on the MAKE and MODEL of the vehicle being driven as a racecar. This also includes aftermarket replacement direct fit, direct replacement part that meets size/weight/material/design/function requirements as if factory produced.

Just because the O.E.M. company that manufactured the vehicle manufactures a part does NOT mean the part is legal. The part must have been available on the specific vehicle being used for competition.

  • No modifications, No racing parts, No limited production factory race cars or components.
  • No interchanging (hybrid) of any item including but not limited to engine, transmission, electronics, suspension, steering, brakes, etc and their individual components.
  • All identification and serial Numbers must be present and legible. Vehicle/Components may be deemed illegal for competition if they are missing or appear to have been tampered with.


  • Aluminum Racing Seat mounted to roll cage with a minimum of 6 grade 8- 3/8 bolts.
  • 5 Point Seat Belt mounted to roll cage w/recommended fasteners or wrap around style.
  • Seat belt cannot be more than 5 years old.
  • Driver’s side window net w/quick release is mandatory.
  • Master Battery shut off mandatory and must be mounted on left side of dash within reach of safety crew and driver.  Electric Fuel pump must turn off with switch also
  • Window Net Release and Shut Offs must be clearly marked.
  • Helmet and Fire Protection to follow standard track rules.
  • RACEIVERS will be mandatory. Frequency 467.3625.

ROLLBARS: Must have complete 4 point roll cage (6 point highly recommended), installed in a professional manner with a min. 1 ½” .095 wall steel tubing. Must have 3 door bars on driver’s side (4 highly recommended) and two door bars on passenger’s side. Cage cannot extend past front firewall.

REINIFORCEMENTS: Front and rear hoops permitted with min. 1 ½ x .095 round tubing. Front hoop is intended to replace upper radiator support and upper frame rails and should follow same. Tubing must be 1 continuous tube and welded to the front of the front strut towers (rear of rear strut towers). 2 down tubes each allowed from upper tube to lower frame rails.  Rollcage or 2×2 tubing allowed to connect front and rear lower frame rails together in driver compartment along floor.

  • Strut Braces: OEM or aftermarket are permitted for front and rear. Bolt on, nonadjustable ONLY and must bolt to upper strut mounts/no welding.  No other reinforcing or modifications allowed to suspension or mounting areas.

BODY: All body panels must remain stock including front and rear bumper covers! Must have stock floor pan and complete stock trunk floor. No removing of inner structure. Trunk floor may be trimmed for fuel cell installation only.

  • Outer door panel skins of same gauge sheet metal are permitted to allow for door bars but MUST have 4 bars on driver‘s side. Doors must be welded, chained or bolted shut.
  • Sunroof and firewall holes must be covered with at least same gauge sheet metal with rivets, bolts or welding. Engine/fuel area must be sealed off from driver.
  • Hoods and trunks must be secured w/2 safety pins each when using hinges or 4 without hinges.  No hood scoops.
  • Glass must be removed and screen placed in windshield area with 2 support rods.
  • Exterior door bars permitted with 1″ x 1″ square tubing. All exterior tubing must be tight to the body and securely fastened. Ends must be welded closed without any sharp edges.  Front and rear tow chain loops are mandatory.

FUEL TANK/CELL: Stock fuel tank permitted as long as it is ahead of rear axle and must be securely fastened with at least 2 straps (additional is recommended). Racing fuel cell is allowed. Max. 12 gallon cell must be mounted in a safe manner. Must have protection loop behind fuel cell and must be protected front, rear and bottom with minimum 18 gauge steel and be a minimum of 12″ from the ground.

SUSPENSION and STEERING: Must have stock suspension and steering components. No racing springs. All control arms, trailing arms, pivot points and axles must be in stock position. All cross members must be stock position, no slotting of holes or repositioning of cross members to alter the wheel base or change angle of control arms and trailing arms. No modifications to any steering or suspension components. No limiting of suspension travel.

  • ¾” positive or negative camber maximum allowed at any wheel.
  • Spring rubbers permitted.
  • Polyurethane bushings allowed that meet size/weight/design and function.

WHEELS and TIRES: 13″ – 16″ stock steel, aluminum and Aftermarket Racing Wheels Permitted. Maximum wheel width seven inches (Measured inside of bead to inside of bead). Rim diameter must match rt to lt.

Any D.O.T . Passenger car tire (all season radials) , no racing tires, no Hoosiers or American Racers, 8” maximum width . No LT, tractor, snow, mud , bias ply, DOT racing,or studded tires allowed. Minimum of 200 tread wear listed on tire. Tire width will be measured at top of tire, inside shoulder of tread to outer shoulder of tread.

ENGINE: Engine and components must remain stock as manufactured. No turbochargers, superchargers, nitrous, etc.

  • No racing parts allowed
  • No decking of block
  • Stock flat top or dished pistons only
  • Must have stock compression or less
  • Max. 60 over bore allowed
  • Pistons may not come above block deck (except Toyota laser block)
  • Stock crank
  • No light weight pistons or rods and no forged pistons must be stock
  • Electronics: Stock only! This includes computers, ECU, PCM, ignition, sensors, wiring, etc. No ignition boxes or addition of any other component allowed. No backup components or modifications of any kind. ALDL connection and all electronics must be fully functional, accessible to tech and out of reach of driver.
  • Sand blasting, bead blasting, acid dipping, porting, polishing and welding are prohibited.
    • Heads will be pulled to check bore, stroke and machining. Minimum amounts for cleanup will be allowed. Tech decision will be final.
  • Only composite OEM head gaskets allowed. No thin metal or copper shim type allowed.
  • No roller rockers, unless stock OEM. Only stock cam followers/lifters, or push rods.
  • Stock fuel injection system, fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator. No modifications.
  • K&N filters allowed must be in stock location. No air induction or other devices to direct air. No air diffusers. Mass air flow sensor must stock and in stock location.
  • Intake and throttle bodies must be stock OEM with no modifications.

DRIVETRAIN: transmissions, differentials, flywheels and torque converters must remain stock. No lightening. Clutch and pressure plate must be Stock. A 1” hole in bell housing in line with clutch mandatory. Transmission must have ALL working gears. No light weight driveshafts. Cars may have locked differentials.

WEIGHT: Minimum weight is 2500 lbs. 3 or 4 valves per cylinder engines must add 100 lbs- 2600lbs.

  • Track officials reserve the right to make adjustments to weight and at any time including placement. Weight must be located in trunk floor area and bolted with a minimum of (2) ½ inch bolts. All added weight must be painted white and include car #. Any racecar will be disqualified if weight falls off.   Removal of mud will be at the discretion of the tech inspector.
  • Dominant Car Equalization: After two feature wins, a minimum of 50 pounds may be added to current weight and with every subsequent win, 25 pounds must be added. Speedway may add weight to any car at anytime. This rule as at track discression and may be implimented at any time.

EXHAUST: Exhaust must exit behind driver and mufflers are mandatory! Maximum exhaust size is 2” OD. Stock manifolds or stock headers allowed. Aftermarket stock style headers allowed with a $200 maximum new limit..

BRAKES: Stock as manufactured brake system. All 4 brakes must work at all times. No modifications or addition of line locks, adjusters or check valves.